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We have a burning passion for sustainability. As a result, we only use feedstock sourced from sustainable forests to produce our wood pellets. And we’ve been doing this successfully for 20 years. 

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Our premium pellets are available in bags or loose loads.

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Anniversary: We celebrate 20 years ECB

A leading pellet manufacturing company and service provider employing over 130 people at 13 locations has grown around the passion of a few engineers and forest wardens for wood pellets. EC Bioenergie stands for: 

  • Premium wood pellets from our in-house production
  • Reliable supply of pellets in Germany and neighbouring countries
  • Social commitment and investment in future generations

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Friedrich Blank, CEO

„When I started as an industrial engineer over 30 years ago, nobody thought of renewable energies when it came to the topic of energy. That has completely changed today. We are proud that we as the ECB in Heidelberg, together with our production sites, have contributed to this change.“

As a pellet manufacturer, our top priority is to ensure fast, short and safe delivery

With this in mind, we chose our production sites and distribution facilities for their excellent transport links. This saves resources, protects the environment and cuts logistics costs. 

Our highly-qualified logistics team provide wood pellets for heating homes and businesses effectively and efficiently thanks to state-of-the-art trucks with calibrated on-board weighing systems. Alternatively, our premium pellets are available in 15kg bags.

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Enjoy warmth from renewable sources and directly from the pellet manufacturer

EC Bioenergie supplies selected wood pellets and wood briquettes made in Germany from locally sourced timber. We ensure you always receive top quality heat technology on time and in perfect condition. Since we believe in striking a balance between protecting our local environment and facilitating progress, our production sites only use untreated wood from sustainable and well managed forests. The carefully selected renewable resources are turned into a source of cost-effective energy. Or prepared for green electricity production. For us. And for others.