Wood pellets straight from the manufacturer

If you decide to heat with pellets, there is a wide range of wood pellet fuels to choose from. The small compacted biomass fuel is available in various versions and qualities. We supply premium pellets for private heating systems, NawaRo pellets for generating heat and green electricity from renewable resources, as well as industrial pellets for robust large-scale systems. All our pellets conform to the highest quality standards.

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Our locally sourced heat

  • Premium grade, regional wood pellets
  • Better than the standard DINplus, ENplus and PEFC-certified
  • Available in bags or loose loads

Our premium own-brand

  • Premium wood pellets – for every system size 
  • Certified to DINplus, ENplus
  • Available in bags or loose loads

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Our French brand

  • Premium wood pellets Certified to DINplus, ENplus
  • For the wholesale and retail trade
  • Available in bags or loose loads

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Our bulk pellets

  • Certified premium wood pellets 
  • For chain stores and bulk buyers
  • Available in bags or loose loads

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Our robust pellets

  • Conditioned biofuels for industrial and power plant usage 
  • For pellet users with robust large-scale systems

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Our best pellets for green electricity production

  • NawaRO pellets (made from renewable resources)
  • Ideal for generating electricity and heat

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