We turn wood into energy

And we’ve been doing this successfully for 20 years. From day one we’ve focussed on regional structures and energy efficiency when producing our wood fuels, such as pellets and briquettes, and met the most stringent regulations surrounding the timber sourced from PEFC certified forests. Together with about 100 employees at our production sites and various storage and distribution facilities, we guarantee the effective and environmentally efficient delivery of wood pellets for all commercial and domestic heating systems throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. Our goal is to help deliver an energy efficiency revolution and we are, therefore, committed to offering additional services for all aspects of pellet heating and individual solutions, e.g. pellet contracting or providing biomass for generating heat and green electricity. For us and for others. 

Our sites: Your guarantee for fast, short and safe delivery

We deliver your heat pellets straight from one of our production sites or distribution facilities:  

1. Hardegsen (production site, direct sale)

2. Schieder-Schwalenberg (storage site)

3. Mittenaar (storage site, direct sale)

4. Hürtgenwald-Vossenack (storage site)

5. Zeil am Main (storage site)

6. Morbach (production site, direct sale)

7. Heidelberg (headquarters, administration)

8. Kronau (storage site, direct sale)

9. Mudau (production site, direct sale)

10. Worms (direct sale)

11. Herbrechtingen (production site)

12. Kehl (production site)

13. Ettenheim (production site, direct sale)

14. Dotternhausen (production site, direct sale)

15. La Roche en Brénil, France (production site)


Premium heat output from regionally sourced materials

We generally purchase the shavings and wood chips for our premium pellets and briquettes from local saw mills close to our production sites.  At some sites, we additionally generate renewable electricity during the production process which is fed back into the grid. 

For us, climate protection means: Greater efficiency when producing, handling and optimising materials

  • Harmonised product standards
  • Innovative product development
  • Highest quality demands for a variable mixture of raw materials
  • Cutting-edge laboratory equipment
  • Research and development
  • Professional quality management
  • Optimised production and measurement procedures

All types of waste wood can be used to recover

The production of biofuels at all our sites is based on the multi-fuel-concept. In other words, we use a wide range of raw materials, such as saw mill residue (shavings and wood chips), forest residue and short rotation coppice to craft our biofuel products.  

Research and development - not just in the lab

In cooperation with the German Pellet Institute (DEPI), the Technology and Support Centre (TFZ),  the product testing and inspection service Eurofins, we fully support the wood pellet screening project (HoPeS) of the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ). Furthermore, we have for many years been actively involved in the cultivation of alternative resources, such as short rotation coppices (SRC). With the help of project partners and farmers, these alternative resources will become an integral part of our raw material and fuel input.