Preserving and enhancing what is valuable

Our dedication and responsibility extend far beyond our products and services. We, therefore, support many social projects and initiatives for protecting the climate and promoting all forms of environmental education, such as: 

The company

EC Bioenergie supplies selected wood pellets and briquettes made in Germany. We ensure fuel retailers, commercial heating system operators, cities and municipalities as well as homeowners always receive top quality heat technology on time and in perfect condition. Since we believe in striking a balance between protecting our local environment and facilitating progress, our production sites only use untreated wood from sustainable and well managed forests. The carefully selected renewable resources are turned into a source of cost-effective energy or prepared for green electricity production. For us. And for others.  

Working at EC Bioenergie

We employ people whose daily commitment and empathy towards further generations contribute to the growth of our company. Every day, more than 140 people at EC Bioenergie are responsible for:  

Henning Pfeiffer, Sales

“As a forest warden, I was basically drawn to the idea of sustainability from a young age. Here in the sales department I can turn theory into practice.” 


Michel Weidner, Quality Manager

I grew up in the 1980s. Forest devastation, the hole in the ozone layer and Chernobyl were very much the order of the day back then. And now I work for a company that obviously contributes to renewable energy targets by offering its customers fuels from sustainable sources. There’s only one thing I’d rather be: an astronaut.  

Jasmin Pfeiffer, Marketing & Communication

“As a former Steiner pupil, the topic of renewable energy is obviously something very close to my heart. One of the best things about working at ECB is being able to set my own schedule and define my own projects while having the freedom to work from my home office as often as possible. This enables me to keep a good balance between my family and my work.